Power Electronics

As part of our customer commitment, Homewood routinely stocks frequently needed parts for power electronics, DC Drive apparatus and process & industrial rectifiers, previously manufactured by the former Westinghouse Buffalo Division. Typically these parts include printed circuit boards, modules, sub-assemblies, thyristors and fuses.

While we work with many companies to develop spare parts programs that allow us to supply parts as they are depleted, there are many cases where a part or product is no longer available and must be remanufactured. In cases such as these, our engineering and manufacturing teams utilize available technical information and drawings to custom build and test new parts that match all original design parameters.

  1. Rectifier Parts

    • R20X
    • R20S
    • R20SW
    • R2000
    • R200L
    • R300
    • R201SI
    • R700I
    • R1000
  2. DC Drive Parts

    • Thyristor armature supplies
    • Field supplies
    • Regulators

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Buy our OT Push Buttons Online

Buy our OT Push Buttons Online

Westinghouse Oil-Tite pushbuttons, selector switches, and indicating lights are designed to prevent the passage of oil, coolant, cutting oil or water.

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Our Story

The Westinghouse-Homewood Story

The Westinghouse-Homewood Story

As a former manufacturing division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, we at Homewood have specialized in the manufacturing of genuine Westinghouse industrial & power distribution equipment for more than 80 years.

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