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Years ago, there were dozens of manufacturers producing reliable cast metal push buttons, selector switches and indicator lights rugged enough to survive in abusive industrial environments. Homewood's predecessor company, Westinghouse/ Homewood, had a very comprehensive line of those products.

In those days, Westinghouse Oil-Tite units were the standard by which all other push buttons were judged. Today at Homewood, we're still making them in exactly the same reliable, high quality, die-cast metal way. Every other manufacturer, except Homewood, has inexplicably cost-reduced the product down to an inexpensive, easily breakable plastic unit.

Homewood Oil-Tite units are still meeting the challenges of the chemical, steel, petroleum, construction and manufacturing industries with push buttons, selectors and indicators that keep on functioning no matter how aggressive the environment ... because they're made the old-fashioned, quality way.

Oil-Tite contact blocks have the lowest profile available ... thus they require significantly less space to install. And, in push-button applications, contact blocks can be stacked six-high, yet operated with a single button.

Homewood units cut installation time because they are readily accessible, compatible with each other and easily wired. Interchangeable color-coded caps and lenses make it easy to identify components in complex assemblies, such as consoles for steel mill pulpits and industrial transfer machines.

Oil-Tite Push Buttons

Homewood Oil-Tite Push buttons are made of chrome-plated, die cast metal components with steel elements in critical areas, and they are available in a range of options to fit the demands of industry.

Flush-mounted - have the minimum projection that enhances panel appearance, yet also minimizes overall depth behind the panel. These units have single or double circuit, stackable contact blocks, angled terminals for easy wiring and interchangeable color caps for easy identification.

Extended - provides a more pronounced projection where space is not a consideration, or where quick reflex, ease of operation is essential. These units can be equipped with single, double and tandem double contact blocks and can be box- or cover-mounted with angled terminals.

Voltage ratings range from 110v to 600v AC and from 115v to 600v DC.

All can be customer- assembled in configurations of from one to 16 units.

Homewood push buttons are seismically approved for nuclear applications and also meet the rigid standards of U.S. auto makers.

Push button options include full-, half- and no-shrouds for extended, full-or no-shrouds for flush, a cast iron mushroom head and cylinder locks (with key removable in either the locked or all positions) configurations.

Push Buttons
Type Flush Extended
Shroud Full · ·
Half   ·
No · ·
Mushroom Head · ·
Cylinder Lock · ·
Oil-Tite Selector Switches

As with the push button units, Homewood Oil-Tite selector switches are designed to maintain their integrity no matter what the environment.

Available in either two-or three-position, flush or extended models, these rugged die-cast units can be manually operated or spring-return equipped and can be cylinder locked.

Single or double circuit, stackable contact blocks with angled terminals and interchangeable color caps are standard on all selector switches.

The voltage ratings range from 110v to 600vAC and 115v to 600v DC. As with all the products in this Homewood line, the switches are critical- application- qualified and constructed of tough, dependable die-cast, chromecoated metal with rugged steel parts.

Selector Switches Spring Return Cylinder Lock
Locking Position
Model Handle Position Maintained R to L L&R to C R to C L to C All L C C&R
Flush Standard 2 · ·       · ·    
3 ·   · · · ·   · ·
Lever 2 · ·       · ·    
3 ·   · · · ·   · ·
Extended Standard 2 · ·       · ·    
3 ·   · · · ·   · ·
Oil Tite Indicating Lights

Homewood Oil-Tite Indicating Lights are available in a wide range of configtirations in AC and DC voltage ranges from 6v to 600v (dependent upon unit and application). Some can be pull-box mounted, while others must be panel-mounted. Please contact your Homewood representative for your special application.

AC Transformer and Full Voltage (AC or DC) types have lens of clear, red, green, blue, amber or opal and a standard legend plate is available.

The Push-to-test-light unit has a simple self-testing system built in. Pressing the lens disconnects the regular circuit and a test circuit quickly checks the lamp. Standard legend plate is available and lens colors are: clear, red, green, amber, blue or opal. Voltage range: 6v to 600v.

Push-Lites combine the push button and light functions into one unit, reducing panel area required. The Select-O-Lite and Select-O-Push-Lite units have one light/one maintained contact switch and one light/two momentary contact switches, respectively. The Select-O-Lite combines a maintained start/stop push button and an indicating light and provides a low voltage release circuit. In the Select-O-Push-Lite, two momentary contact push buttons (start/stop) and an indicating light are combined and provide a low voltage protection circuit. Both units can be cover-or panel-mounted. Candelabra units have a bayonet base and are available in 12v through 250v AC and DC.

Indicating Lights
Type AC DC Heavy Duty
Transformer ·   ·
Full Voltage · · ·
Push-to-test-light · ·  
Push-Lite · ·  
Select-O-Lite   ·  
Select-O-Push-Lite   ·  
Special Applications Units

Four-Way Joystick Operator - With this operator, one handle operates four separate Single Pole Double Throw contact blocks. Although supplied as a maintained contact unit, it is easily field convertible to momentary contact at any or all positions. The handle position can indicate relative motion of the unit being controlled. It also provides automatic interlocking since only one of the four contacts can be operated at one time. Voltages range from I 10v to 600v AC and 115v to 600v DC.

Push-Pull Controls - Available as momentary or maintained contact units. The maintained contact unit will remain "in" when pushed until it is manually pulled out. Ideal for two wire control and STOP or EMERGENCY applications. Mushroom heads (either red or black) on both units provide fast, sure control, even for gloved hands.

Button, button, who's got the toughest button?

Go with Homewood for push buttons, selector switches and indicating lights that can handle the harshest conditions and keep on working.


In order to allow customers to maintain, modify and upgrade their units, Homewood has an extensive inventory of parts and accessories, such as:

  • Lever Operators
  • Color Caps
  • Hole Plugs
  • Extended Clamp Rings
  • Latching Attachments
  • Safety Switches and Covers
  • Locking Rings
  • Contact Blocks
  • Legend Plates
  • Maintained Contact Assemblies
  • Momentary Contact Assemblies
  • Wobble Stick Operator
  • Dust-tight Caps
  • Mushroom Head Shroud
Westlok Legend Plates

This Homewood exclusive can cut installation time up to 20%. A unique tang arrangement locks the unit in place in a single round hole. Once located, the unit cannot twist or turn in its mounting hole. These legend plates can be used with new or existing holes.

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Westinghouse Oil-Tite pushbuttons, selector switches, and indicating lights are designed to prevent the passage of oil, coolant, cutting oil or water.

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The Westinghouse-Homewood Story

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