Design & Consulting

engineers consulting over a project

Preparation of specification and design of upgrades for new installations of industrial distribution, protective relaying and metering systems.

Review of electrical supply contracts and negotiation assistance where appropriate.

Design of thyristor drive control systems.

Electrical Machinery Capabilities

Electrical machinery capabilities include electro-magnetic, thermal and mechanical design of rotating and linear motion machinery, for steady-state or pulsed/transient real-time applications, including industrial, mine haulage, marine propulsion, military and automotive environments. Proven record with electro-magnetic aircraft launcher and arresting systems, hybrid electric combat vehicles and pulsed power armament applications, hybrid electric commercial and passenger vehicles, high-speed electrical racing cars and a land-speed-record all-electric car – Class E-III.

Proven coordination skills at the electrical interface with power electronic specialists for the optimization of system efficiency and performance parameters, and harmonic and dynamic interaction studies.

Proven coordination skills at the mechanical interface with vehicle and system design specialists for the optimization of vehicle/transmission packaging issues, drive-train dynamic studies, integrated cooling systems and thermal management.

Peer reviewed publications on single-phase induction generator for aero-turbine applications, transient electrical and mechanical behavior of large induction generator installation, mechanical drive train analysis for salient-pole synchronous motor drives, high speed induction motor designs for hybrid drive systems in light truck, vans, SUVs and the land-speed-record car.

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Buy our OT Push Buttons Online

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Our Story

The Westinghouse-Homewood Story

The Westinghouse-Homewood Story

As a former manufacturing division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, we at Homewood have specialized in the manufacturing of genuine Westinghouse industrial & power distribution equipment for more than 80 years.

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