Sales & Marketing

Homewood Sales Corporation was founded in 1997 as a sales and marketing arm of Homewood Products Corporation, formerly Westinghouse Electro-Mechanical Parts and Products Center. To learn more about Homewood Sales, visit our about page.

A network of independent manufacturer's representatives throughout the United States and world complement the 750+ electrical distributors who provide access to the market. Homewood Sales also represents several manufacturers/service providers that offer products and services that are complimentary to the Westinghouse products. These additional products and services allow Homewood Sales to satisfy your needs in the electrical/mechanical maintenance, upgrade, life extension areas. For more information about Homewood's products and services, please visit our products & services sections.

Homewood Sales Corporation • 820 Washington Blvd. • Pittsburgh, PA 15206-4183 • tel:412/665-2700 • fax:412/665-2760 •