Factory Revitalization & Repair

Equipment Repaired


  • Avtron Pulse Tachs
  • BBC High Speed Tripping Device
  • FPE Line Isolation Monitor
  • GE Lodtrak Protection Modules
  • Westinghouse Hot Spot Indicators
  • Westinghouse Undervoltage Trips

Motor Control

  • Airesearch Mfg. Boeing Vertrol SLRV System
  • Boston Gear Ratiotrol DC Motor Speed Control
  • Cleveland Machine Controls
  • E.M Ampli-Speed Drives
  • Emerson Electric
  • GE Turbine Supervisory Instrument System
  • GE Valutrol Industrial Drive System
  • GE VT-700 Duplex AC Variable Torque System
  • Louis Allis 3300 Static Drive
  • PTI TR630 Adjustable Speed Drive
  • Reflex Drives
  • Reliance Drive System #0-49XXX-X series
  • Reliance Impak V.S Drive
  • Rockwell International Series 4400 Drive
  • U.S Electric Motors- Electric Varitrol Controller
  • Warner & Swaysey Servo Drive
  • Westinghouse 22-1000 Drives
  • Westinghouse AC/DC drive systems: A500, C200, C600, F56, M4, M5, M6, etc.
  • Westinghouse Accutrol Inverter Pole Assy.
  • Westinghouse Accutrol Convert/Pwr Assy.
  • Westinghouse Accutrol Dynamic Brake Assy.
  • Westinghouse Reduce Voltage Starters
  • Westinghouse S100Z Controllers
  • Westinghouse Silicontrol
  • Westinghouse Standrive Systems
  • Westinghouse Startrol Power Miser
  • Westinghouse Static Slipsyn Mark II
  • Westinghouse VPH1000 SCR Firing Controller
  • Westinghouse Vectrol Systems

Power Supplies

  • Allen Bradley
  • Exide 3 Phase Inverter
  • Lambda Power Supplies
  • Unitron 1KVA Inverter
  • Westinghouse Accupac UPS system
  • Westinghouse Accurcon UPS system

Protective Relays

  • ABB Over Current Relay
  • ABB Negative Sequence Relay
  • BBC Directional Relay
  • ITE Under/Over Voltage Relay


  • GE Reclosing Relay Type NLR21E
  • McGraw-Edison Reclosers 280-75
  • Standard Power
  • Westinghouse Bloomington Reclosure TypeMTR
  • Westinghouse Bloomington Reclosure TypePMR
  • Westinghouse Bloomington Reclosure TypePRM


  • Allis-Chalmers IJ-2, MJ-1 to 3A, SJ3 to 6
  • Basler Electric
  • McGraw-Edison RSD Regulator
  • McGraw-Edison TCA Voltage Regulator
  • Precision Electronics Electric Governor
  • Regutron II
  • Westinghouse Excit Swtchgr & Type PRX Volt Reg
  • Westinghouse Generator Control Units
  • Westinghouse SVC & SVR Regulator
  • WestinghouseTRA Voltage Regulators
  • Westinghouse WTA Voltage Regulating System
  • Westinghouse XASV Automatic Gen SyncSystem

Static Trips

  • Allis-Chalmers Static Trips
  • ABB MPS Units
  • Carriere FB600E
  • Federal Pacific & Federal Pioneer
  • GE Power Sensors, SST & ESC
  • GE MicroVersa, RMS-9, PM & Plus
  • Power Shields - ABB/BBC/Gould/ITE
  • Siemens Static Trip II and III, LimiTrips
  • Westinghouse Amptectors, Digitrips
  • Westinghouse Molded Case Trip Boards
  • Westinghouse SCB & SPCB Static Sensors
  • Westinghouse Pow-R Trip 7 Unit

Test Equipment

  • ABB MPS Type 606 Test Set
  • AVO- MultiAmp Equipment
  • ITE Test Set Type 504
  • GE MicroVersa Trip, RMS, PLUS Test Set
  • Siemens-Allis Static Trip II Test Set
  • Westinghouse Amptector Test Set

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The Westinghouse-Homewood Story

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