Factory Revitalization & Repair

Rebuild Procedures

Homewood Rebuild Procedures For Low & Medium Voltage Air Circuit Breakers Complete Rebuild

  1. Upon receipt and prior to disassembly, the circuit breaker will be tested both mechanically and electrically. Megger and micro-ohm resistance tests shall be performed and documented.
  2. A complete visual inspection will be performed. All broken or missing parts will be documented and reported to owner.
  3. Arc chutes will be visually inspected for missing or damaged parts. Special attention will be given to the ceramic bundle assemblies. Arc chutes will be blown out with dry compressed air. The outer shell will be thoroughly cleaned with an approved electrical cleaning solvent.
  4. Operating mechanism:
    • The operating mechanism will be removed from the circuit breaker.
    • The mechanism will be completely disassembled and inspected for worn or damaged parts.
    • All bearings will be removed and inspected.
    • All rollers, pins, and sleeves will be examined for concentricity.
    • The operating mechanism housing, as well as all sub assemblies, shall be re-plated. This includes all hardware.
    • After plating, the mechanism shall be re assembled (including all lubrication) according to original specifications.
  5. Truck assembly and chair moldings:
    • The circuit breaker frame or truck assembly, shall be thoroughly cleaned with approved solvent. All welds shall be inspected for cracks. Wheels shall be removed, cleaned, and lubricated.
    • All chair molding assemblies shall be inspected for cracks and tracking. The entire molding shall be cleaned with approved electrical solvent.
    • Puffer assemblies shall be removed, cleaned, and inspected.
  6. Current carrying parts:
    • All current carrying assemblies will be removed from the chair moldings.
    • Each assembly will be completely disassembled and inspected.
    • All silver plated parts will be cleaned, inspected, and polished. Should re-plating be required, you will be notified of cost for your approval.
    • Prior to re-assembly, all pivot points will be lubricated.
  7. Electrical:
    • All wiring will be replaced with type SIS wire, where required.
    • Charging motor will be meggered and bench tested.
    • All wiring harnesses will be inspected and tested for proper insulation resistance.
    • All electrical devices will be cleaned with approved electrical solvent.
  8. Prior to assembly, all original painted parts will be re painted.
  9. Re-assembled
    After sub assemblies are complete, the entire circuit breaker will be re-assembled according to original manufacturer's specification. The following tests and adjustments shall be performed:
    • Adjust contact simultaneous close.
    • Adjust contact pressure.
    • Micro-ohm resistance will be checked and recorded.
    • Over current trip devices (if applicable) will be checked by primary injection
    • Opening and closing times will be adjusted and recorded.
    • After installing arc chutes, the unit will be meggered and/or hi-potted.
  10. Warranty:
    New Equipment WarrantyOne year from date of shipment
    All final test results shall be documented and a copy on Homewood Sales Corporation letterhead will accompany each breaker.

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